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Random Thoughts March 15, 2010 Issue

  • Daylight Savings Suck sucks.  I hate it.  As my bestie put it, it’s like the government taking away a full hour of sleep for no good reason.  It’s just wrong.  I’m already not a morning person, so when I’m getting up an extra hour earlier, it just makes it worse.  I think the need for daylight savings time has passed–pick a time and stick to it.  K, thx.
  • We just finished another kid’s show at the theatre I work at.  I love working at the theatre-I really do.  Besides the fact that I just love theatre in general, I have a particular fondness for this theatre.  The people are AWESOME.  I love the people I work for and with.  I love our volunteers.  I love our patrons.  And then…there are kid’s shows.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know how much I really hate working kid’s shows.  Let me stress again that this has nothing to do with the kids.  The kids are talented and will one day rule the universe and I hope they remember me kindly.  I even like the little kids who hang around the cast door after the show to catch a glimpse of the actors and get autographs.  It’s really cute.  And most of their parents/grandparents are really nice people who are trying, in their own way, to expose their children to art.  I’m never gonna argue with that.  But some parents, and they know who they are, are so freaking obnoxious and entitled.  They think the rules don’t apply to them.  I had a patron on Saturday express sheer and utter disbelief that I seated his friend, who was 15 minutes late, in the last row instead of his actual assigned seat on the second row.  Here’s the deal dude–all those people you would have been disturbing with your late-ass self also paid good money for seats, but unlike you, they were on time.  Letting you go sit in the middle of the second row 15 minutes after the show already started isn’t fair to them and it isn’t fair to the actors.  Live theatre is not the same as movies.  It’s a different (and in my opinion, way funner) beast.  Ordinarily I don’t seat late at all-he’d have had to wait till the second act.  I did him a favor getting him in at all, so the jerkiness was…just…jerky.  Yeah.  Also had a crank who was cranky that I wouldn’t let his under-3 child into the theatre despite the “no children under 3” rule.  He felt that (a) 3 was an arbitrary number that I clearly just pulled out of my ass for fun, and (b), I should make an exception for him because his kid was already there.  Plus there was the person who called and made a reservation for four and then called me a half hour later to cancel it, because she didn’t realize our theatre was in TX.  (She lived in MA)  I kind of think the non-MA area code would have been a clue, but I guess not.  So…show’s over.  And to that I say boo-yah!!
  • It’s Spring Break here.  No students.  No teachers.  Very little work.  My office-mate and I have traded crazy family stories involving everything from brothers faking sickness to get out of doing dishes (I’m looking at you, P) to fart stories.  Ieven re-enacted my brother’s sickness-faking.  He was terrible at it.  I mean, smart?  Yes.  Gifted writer?  Yep.  A talented actor?  No.  I’m sorry, but he was terrible.  And still the day has just freakin’ dragged by.  I have 7 more minutes though.  Not that I’m counting, because I certainly would never do that. 
  • Oh, now it’s 4 minutes…which I noticed ONLY because I just happened to glance at the clock on the lower right hand of my computer monitor. 
  • Three minutes.
  • Two minutes.
  • Yeah, I’m done.  Ya’ll have a good one…

Thanks…You, Too


So it’s busy today at my second job at the box office.  I’ve been fielding phone calls all morning, and since I’m the only one here, that requires me to put people on hold and go back to help the first person that called, before helping the next one.  So one person in particular kept calling, saying she’d hold, and then hanging up before I could get to her.  Wouldn’t hold.  I recognized her voice each time because it had that husky “I smoke 4 packs a day” quality to it.  This was the last phone call I got from her today:


ME: Thank you for calling “The Theatre I Work At.” Will you please hold a moment.

HER: No, bitch, I’ve been holding for 15 minutes.

ME: I’m sorry, ma’am.  Our phones have been very busy today and I’m the only one here.  If you’ll please be patient with me and let me help the person who called before you, I’ll be right back.

HER: NO!!!  I’ve been trying to talk to you for 15 minutes.

ME: Ma’am, when you hang up before I can get to you, and then call back, it just puts you further back in the queue.

HER: Not my problem, I just have a question, and you’re going to answer it right now.

ME: Yes, ma’am, what can I do for you? (thinking may as well get this sh*% over with)

HER: I want to know about stadium parking.

ME: Excuse me?

HER: STADIUM PARKING.  The Cowboys stadium.  What are you, STUPID??

ME: Ma’am, we are not affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys new stadium.  We’re a live theatre, not a sporting venue.

HER: Oh, well can you give me the number to the Cowboys stadium?

ME: No, ma’am, I don’t have that number.

HER: Well, f&cK you, then.

ME: Thank you, ma’am.  You too.


Some days I really don’t like my job.

ETA: Since then, I have received two phone calls, which when I answer, there’s nothing but a long series of beeps, as if someone is pressing down a number on their telephone.  Something tells me it’s Lady Awesome of the Cowboys Stadium parking issues.

Checking In…


I’m working my part time shift at the theatre right now.  One of our lovely cleaning crew is here vacuuming, and I swear the vacuum cleaner just made a noise that sounded like she vacuumed up a cat.  It was kind of a “rowrrrrrr” sound like my siamese cat, Lester, used to make.  Very concerning.  And then the wind keeps blowing one of the glass doors open and shut.  It could be very spooky if I were superstitious and bought into the legends about theatres being haunted.  But I am not.  Mostly.  It helps that I’m here in the middle of the day and most profoundly NOT alone.  🙂

The honeysuckle in my backyard is in bloom and it smells so sweet.  I love honeysuckle.  When I was a little kid my grandmother had a huge honeysuckle bush in her backyard and when it was in bloom I used to stand in front of it for hours (literal hours) just smelling it.  I wonder if that causes brain damage.  It could explain a few things.  🙂  I kid.  A little bit.  But honeysuckle is my second favorite flower, next to daisies.  I love daisies.  So simple, yet so ridiculously pretty.  I’d rather have a bunch of daisies than a dozen long-stemmed red roses.

This time of year is wonderful anyway.  It has spawned yards and yards and yards of horrible poetry, but I completely understand the sentiment.  How could I not, when the Texas highways are lined with bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush and buttercups and those black-eyed yellow flowers some people call weeds.  They’re so pretty.  And the iris have been in full bloom and the knock out roses in the backyard are red and pink and huge blossoms.  Then there’s the wisteria, though it’s mostly gone now, replaced by green vines.  Wisteria in full bloom is probably my third favorite flowering plant.  I really do love spring.  The hastas are starting to flower and pretty soon our hydrangea bushes will be absolutely covered in pink and blue flowers.  Not to be a big old sap, but wow!  So pretty.

I’m getting together with Foi after work for a little while.  We’re scanning photographs for Dad and Carol and, depending on how quickly that goes, going to the largest half price book store in Texas.  Mmmm…books.  They just smell good.  The e-book readers are neat but there’s still nothing like holding an actual book in your hand.  And by holding an actual book, I mean one that I want to read, not one that was assigned to me. 

I’m still not sure about the social work degree.  I am taking macro and human behavior this summer, but if I feel the same as I have this semester, I will stop before I’ve gone any further.  I just think the social work masters will help me two-fold.  One, I can head up my department, which, frankly I think I’m qualified to do even without the masters degree, and two, it will be beneficial when writing outreach grants for theatre.  V will be home eventually and she plans on opening a branch of Lime House out here and I do want to be a part of that.  I think monies would come more swiftly with a MSW on staff.  But even considering all that, I will stop if this coming semester is as unhappy-making as the current one has been.

Which…one more week from Monday and I am done with this semester!!!  I just have one paper to finsih writing and one final to take.  I technically should be doing homework instead of driving to a big book store this afternoon, but I’m feeling so free and happy.  Homework will just sully the mood.  🙂  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Procrastination can sometimes be a very good thing.

Well, I’ll end this now.  My theatre shift is almost over and I need to balance out the till, so to speak.  Thanks for checking in with me and I hope YOU are having a great day, too.

Randomness February 7, 2009

  • Mytheatre box office boss is tall.  He is a very tall man.  I am sitting in his tall man chair and it’s very uncomfortable.  I have a new-found appreciation for my office chair at my full-time job.  They bought it for me special.  It’s a very comfortable chair.
  • It’s quiet today here at the box office (hence the blupdating).  We’re almost sold out for tonight’s show and we have only the last 2 rows for tomorrow’s matinee.  That’s a good thing for theatre, bad thing for me.  ‘Cause I’m bored.  See, the chair was uncomfortable last weekend too, but I was too busy to notice.  Today it’s all shhhhyyy and my butt hurts.
  • School started only two weeks ago and I have already bitten off all my fingernails.  Grannie would be so disappointed in me.  She would roll her eyes, fold my fingers under, sigh deeply, and pat my hand.  Sorry, Gran.  But I still love you.
  • They’re rehearsing something upstairs-the youth performers.  It’s very interesting-I can tell when they’re performing and when they’re just chatting and it’s not just volume.  The cadence of their voices loses something when they’re just chatting.  Don’t get me wrong-they’re natural performers.  It’s just that there’s something soothing about stage voice.  You probably have to be a stage dork to get this one…
  • I’m worried about my mom.  Mommy if you’re reading this, you need to call me and tell me how you’re doing. 
  • I saw Push last night.  It was pretty good.  Not great, but good.  Dakota Fanning is gettin’ all growed up.  Her skirt was too short.  Way.  But great hair. 
  • The kids are out of rehearsal now and they’re just goofing off.  This one boy has a terrific singing voice.  He’s in there singing and playing piano.  He has a bright future ahead of him.  Hope he remembers me when he rules the universe.
  • Damn, now one of the girls is dueting with him and she’s even better.  I suddenly feel very untalented.  These kids rock.
  • I’ve been 45 minutes and the phone has only rung twice.  One sale for tomorrow’s matinee-one guy who thought we were a movie theatre. 

Okay, here endeth the randomness.  I’ll find some other way to blow time…

Random Thoughts January 17, 2009 Edition

  • My new motto is “kill them with kindness.”  After the disappointment last week, I felt inspired to email a thank you note to the individual I originally chatted with-the one who resolved my transcript issues.  I sent a very courteous email thanking her for saving me both time and money.  She replied with a you’re welcome and she included the name and phone number of the person who headed up the committee for the particular scholarship I had applied for.  I contacted her, explained the situation, and asked-very nicely-whether she would reconsider my application.  Clearly, she’d heard my story before.  She was a little short with me, but I oh-so-kindly persevered and asked again if she would reconsider.  She hesitantly agreed, but warned me that funds were low and she couldn’t promise anything.  The next day I received both a “declined” letter and an “accepted” one.  I emailed her to ensure I did indeed receive the scholarship and she confirmed that, yes, it was mine.  I am certain had I not emailed the first person I would never have received the scholarship at all.  So inspiration and kindness saved the day.  It doesn’t cover the full amount of my tuition by any means, but it’s nothing to scoff at either.  So there’s some happiness and joy.  Lots of it.
  • I am working at the theatre today.  My new boss, T, just came in and is reorganizing all over the place.  T is nifty.  He’s the cat’s meow.  I don’t mean that sarcastically, by the way-he is truly an awesome guy.  Gonna be good working for him.  I had to type that.  ‘Cause now he knows I have a blog and he knows how to find it.
  • Last week I took a diversity training for my full-time job.  It was supposed to be an all-day affair, but midway through the day, one of the trainers collapsed.  I don’t know whether he had a heart attack or what.  He was only out about 10 seconds, but he was really out of it when he woke up.  Called 911 and they took him to the hospital.  As of yesterday he was still there getting tests run, but he’s doing better; he’s annoying the hospital staff and being perpetually cheerful, so hopefully he’ll be out of there soon.  He’s a great guy and I was really getting a lot out of the workshop.   I’ll have to take it again next time it’s offered and pray for a little less excitement.
  • Speaking of diversity training, I want to see Grand Torino.  L2 saw it the other day and she said it was really good.  It has Clint Eastwood, so how could it be anything other than good?  I’m just saying.
  • My dad solved the digital conversion issue by swapping out the 32″ tube for a 46″ panel HDTV.  My step-monster was all for the conversion box, but this time my dad got his own way.  He doesn’t often-mostly he gives in to whatever the monster wants, but he held his ground this time.  Go dad!  Plus he got a DVD recorder/player, so he’s extra thrilled.  I know most of the world has had DVD players for a while now, but the monster is anti-technology.  She barely discovered the VCR.  So this is big.  Big, I tell you.
  • Starbucks is coffee is yummy.  Here’s a tip.  If you have to doctor it up a lot with cream and sugar, it is not good coffee.  If, however, you need like six packets of sugar and a vat of cream, you might want to invest in better coffee. 

I think this is all the randomness for now.  I’ve been not-so-sneakily doing my blog RIGHT IN FRONT of my new theatre boss.  I have no respect, do I?



So the dog I’m temporarily fostering is definitely a morning dog.  I, on the other hand, am not a morning person.  So basically any hopes I had for sleeping in while on my two week vacation have been dashed.  But it’s okay because she’s a really cute dog.  I’ll live. grumble, grumble.

I am at the box office right now.  It’s easier work than usual because we are sold out for the remainder of the run.  That means my phone calls go like this:

Me: Theatre X, izzybella speaking

Caller: Hi, I’m calling to find out if you have tickets available for the 2 o’clock matinee.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but that show is sold out.  In fact, we are sold out the remainder of the run.

Caller: Oh, so no tickets tonight?

Me: No, ma’am we are sold out.  You might try going to Will Call an hour before the show starts and get on the waiting list-we release tickets that haven’t been picked up at about 5 minutes before the show starts.

Caller: Oh, can I get on the list now?

Me: You actually have to go in person to the box office an hour before the show starts.

Caller: Oh, okay.

Then three seconds later, they call back to ask about Sunday’s availability.  It’s okay-I don’t get impatient when it comes to that.  I just kind of find it amusing.

I’m working at a local B&N after my theatre shift-I’m “wrapping for retreivers.”  The things I do for the love of labrador retreivers.  But really, they’re awesome dogs.  Super friendly and affectionate; generally calm and easy-going around children.  Just the ultimate awesome dog.  And the babies have tons of energy and make really good walking partners.  As far as dogs go, in my completely unbiased opinion, they’re tops.

I’ve been reading Beedle the Bard in between phone calls.  Love.  Some of the comments by Dumbledore and the footnotes by JKR are so funny.  It really is just another fabulous window into the world that Rowling created.  If I could be half the writer she is, I’d still be an awesome writer.  So imaginative.  I have JKR hero worship.  It’s okay.  I don’t stalk.

I think I’ll end this post here.  Elle took my box office matinee shift-the least I can do is get the paperwork ready for her.  Good times.

Random Thoughts 10/22/08 Edition

  • Volunteered at Taste of Arlington last night.  Since it benefits the theatre I work at part-time, it just seemed like the thing to do.  Plus, free admission.  They have food (everything from Red Lobster biscuits to Hoffbrau steaks), drink (everything from margaritas and bellinis to Coca Cola), entertainment, a silent auction and many other fine giveaways.  It was a lot of fun.
  • I received a coupon from an online store I frequent with a BOGO offer.  This means I buy one pair of shoes, then I get one free.  Free shoes.  Let me say it again.  FREE SHOES. Ah…need a cigarette now.  (no, I don’t smoke, that thar was a metaphor)
  • I really like my new haircut.  It used to take between 30-45 minutes to style my long all the way down my back hair.  This new short hair is just…user-friendly, that’s what it is.  Quick blow dry.  Flat Iron.  And voila! Hair is done.  I think my days of long hair have officially come to an end.  Or at least a middle, ’cause never say never.
  • There is a rat in my office.  A literal rat, not a metaphorical rat.  It was in Elle’s part of the building and now it’s moved to ours.  I am now ending this blupdate in order to make sure every single bit of food in the bottom of my desk drawer is GONE.