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RIP: Sydney the Dog


We lost our Sydney girl today.  As evidenced by the photo above her primary hobby was sleeping.  She never had much energy but she had shitloads of love.  I will miss her.

There’s always a couple of days of adjustment when you get a new dog, but Sydney fit in seamlessly from the start.  There was no awkwardness, no accidents, nothing.  She owned us from the moment she arrived.  She was so calm, so even-tempered, that she sometimes got lost with our more boisterous dogs, but it didn’t take us long to appreciate her steadiness. We learned from fostering animals, that Sydney was absolutely a gift from the gods.

I will miss you with all my heart baby girl.  I promise you, there’s nap-time in heaven…


Ain’t He Cute? Do you Want Him?




But seriously, he kind of ate my bedroom.  He started off with an appetizer of toilet paper pulled straight off the roll, down the hallway and into the living room.  For his salad course, he munched on a paperback novel I had on the side table next to my bed.  His main course was the top of my dresser followed up by nose and dog-lick marks all over the mirror.  Then he peed in my parents room.


He’s not often so horrible, but every now and then he just gets bored and figures “What the hey!  Think I’ll destroy a buncha crap.”

So I get annoyed and get all ready to give him away-even pay someone to take him-and then he just looks at me all cute and does this little flop that makes me all awwwww…  So I guess I’ll keep him.  For now.

The Izzybella Pot-Kettle Update


The blupdate title refers to Chauceriangirl accusing me of being pot-kettley when I complained about how she hasn’t blupdated in like forever.  So, some randomness…

  • King Authur (the cavalier spaniel) was so freaking cute on Saturday afternoon.  The afternoon sun was streaming into the living room windows, and he’d settled in to sleep with the warmth of the sun on his back, when suddenly he spied the refracted light the sun made off his dog tags.  He stood up, growled and then pounced, only the refracted light went away.  He backed up and looked around, and lo and behold, there it was again!  Happiness!  So he pounced again, only to be thwarted.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  He did that for about an hour while the monster and I laughed ourselves silly.  I wish I had video because it was truly adorable.
  • One of my acquaintances emailed me and asked me to house-sit.  Usually I do this for families with pets who would rather not board them.  It works out all around most of the time.  The pets don’t get boarded.  I get however many days peace and quiet, plus get to play with their animals, which lets face it, I’m a sucker and love to do.  And on top of all that, I get money for it.  So it works.  Only after I tentatively agreed, I found out her two children (one teenager and one tween) are part of the house-sitting deal.  Now, first off, I think it’s misleading to call it house-sitting when it’s actually baby-sitting.  House-sitting implies taking in the mail and newspaper daily, watering plants, feeding fish, walking the dog.  It does not generally imply “take care of my two exceedingly talkative and active children.”  Because there’s the rub.  This acquaintance is very charming and I like her very much, but her children are…um…great in small doses.  See, there’s no nice way to put this.  I feel like Cruella DeVille or something.  I like children, but a full week’s worth of baby-sitting sort of freaks me out.  I don’t have children.  I don’t have much experience with children.  The last time I babysat on my own, I was still in high school and 21 Jump Street was my favorite show.  My sister is the one who is a natural with children–I’m…not.  Usually one of two things happen when I meet a child (and I’m not sure which I find more disconcerting)-either the child looks at me and promptly bursts into tears OR it is abnormally affectionate with me and thinks I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread.  It would make sense why the former bugs me.  I mean who wants their face to prompt a massive crying explosion from anyone?  But the latter is freaky-deaky.  And it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable I am or even if I physically pick the child up and return it to it’s owner.  It still comes back all snotty and huggy and clingy.  And I just worry I’m going to drop it or break it or generally damage the merchandise.  This makes me sound terrible.  It really does.  And I’m sure if I had of my own, I would see things completely differently.  I don’t know.  I mean they are above 12, which means they aren’t quite as needy.  But isn’t 12 and older when they start getting sneaky???  So to back out or not back out.  That is the question.
  • I want to see “How to Train a Dragon.”  In 3D. 
  • I’m wearing my red ballet flats today-the ones that are kind of shiny and remind me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  I like those shoes.  I bought them because CG made me.  I was annoyed slightly then, but I admit she was right.  CG has good taste in shoes.  CG bought a pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago and left them in the trunk of my car.  They’re super-cute.  And in my size.  And they match a lot of my stuff.  FYI, this is Latin for “if CG doesn’t pick up her shoes soon, izzybella will be wearing them to work.”
  • I found a new author.  Well, new to me anyway.  She’s actually been writing a while.  Her name is Mary Janice Davidson.  She writes a couple of series that I know of–one is about a mermaid working as a marine biologist at the New England Aquarium, and the other is about a mildly vaccuous, shoe-obsessed young woman, who dies, then rises as a vampire, and then turns out to be their prophesied queen.  The first book in the mermaid series was very funny-like laugh-out-loud funny.  The actual literal LOL funny where you are, in all truthfulness, laughing out loud, instead of chuckling softly on the inside.  It’s a quick read and it’s total candy, but I really enjoyed.  I also cracked up at the first book in the queen of the vampires series.  Think Buffy with shades of Sunnydale Cordelia (not saintly LA Cordelia) and a light sprinkling of Sookie Stackhouse.  It’s hilarious how grossed-out she is at drinking blood and how casually she takes her extra-special queen-like vamp powers (holy water?  no effect.  crosses?  no effect.  constant need to drink blood?  not so much.  sunlight?  no effect, well, except that it makes her really sleepy).  I liked it so much, that as soon as I finished it, I drove to the library and checked out all the books in the series.  Again, they’re fast reads, but hugely entertaining.  I’m on the fourth book now and still very amused.  I also read a collection of four short novellas by her…pure fantasy, which you know right away because the short chubby girl in the first story inspires insta-love and lifetime commitment in the tall, hunky, broody Scottish werewolf.  They have the best sex ever, then he whisks her away to his castle in Scotland and marries her.  You know.  ‘Cause that happens all the time.   The only thing that bugged me was the second (third?) story in the novella, which tried to bring a humorous spin to what was essentially rape.  I really don’t have a sense of humor about that, so for me it was an unsuccessful attempt.  I get that both the characters were super-powered (vamp and a werewolf) and that the essentially cranky nature of the woman and sunny nature of the man was all part of the joke, but it was massively annoying to me.  That kind of storyline never goes down well in my book.  But the rest of it was amusing enough and I REALLY like the mermaid and queen vamp series.  So, it’s always good to have more fun stuff to read.

Okay, was this blupdatey enough for you, CG?  I hope so.  I also hope you forget about your shoes, because I think they’d look really good on me.

Randomness 10.7.09 Edition


I know, I know, it’s been a while.  I’m pretty much behind on everything.  So without further ado, some randomness and and some ‘splaining:

  • I did not have a heart attack.  I had pericarditis.  Or something spelled similarly.  I spent about 14 hours in the ER with nothing to watch but the “Misery Loves Company” movie-thon on the Lifetime Network.  (couldn’t figure out how to change the channel with the remote thingie without accidentally calling the nurse instead; and the television was too high for me to reach to change it the old fashioned way).  The “Misery Loves Company” movie-thon could be an entire blogpost in and of itself.  Seriously.  Who enjoys watching overly melodramatic movies about predatory family members and raving lunatic murderers who enjoy first cutting up a woman’s face before the killin’ commences?  Honest, that’s some strange crap.  Anyway, I got an EKG (weird, but not painful), a CT scan (that contrast they inject gives off a weird I-think-I-just-peed-my-pants-even-though-I-know-I-didn’t feeling), a MRI (loud.  claustrophobic. also more of that weird contrast crap) and was sent home with some medication and instructions to come back right away if the pain doesn’t go away or gets worse.  The only truly painful part of the proceedings (the literal kind, not the metaphorical kind involving bad Lifetime movies) was when they ripped the tape off while they were removing the IV.  They took a nice chunk of skin along with it.  I still have a faint tape outline on my arm.  But truly, you would be AMAZED how a fake heart attack can be incentive enough to eat healthily and avoid fried stuff.  I should have had a fake heart attack right when I first started gaining the weight.  I’d have never had this problem to begin with!
  • I bought awesome fake jewelry at the theatre fundraiser last weekend.  A fake amethyst ring and another ring with a stone so fake that I don’t think the color actually exists in nature.  It’s a weird shade of green.  Anyway, I love them.  I have been wearing them every day this week.  I don’t wear jewelry very often so that’s saying something.
  • Cella got adopted!!!  Only her owner is going to rename her Bella because she has a niece with a very similar name to “Cella” and didn’t want there to be any confusion.  So I must call her Bella from here on out.  Bella’s new mom is out of town for a couple of weeks, but she’ll return on the 18th and will come and pick Bella up on the 19th.  They’re the perfect family for her.  Her new dad is retired and they don’t expect she’ll be alone during the day much more than 2 or 3 hours.  They like to go on daily walks and plan on taking Bella with them.  Their grandkids and nieces and nephews are always over at the house so Bella will have plenty of kids to get love from.  Plus they enjoy training dogs and Bella could sure use some training.  It’s like they were all made for each other.  I’m really happy for Bella, though I have to admit that even though she can be a stubborn little stinker, I’m still going to miss her.  She’s a great big cuddly, loving, sweetheart of a puppy dog.  She deserves this awesome family.
  • It’s very quiet in the office today.  Work-mom is out sick still so I have the entire office to myself.  I got the first-checking done in record time and still have to get the data-entry completed.  I’m taking a short lunch to do this post at the behest of my three favorite (only) blog readers.  I’ll shout out, just ’cause I love ya’ll so much…Foi!!!! Sunshine!!!!  Gypsy!!!!!!!  Consider yourselves shout-outed.
  • Found a new comic.  (like I need anymore to get addicted to…damn you Lone Star Comics)  This one is called Echo and it’s by Terry Moore.  I have a feeling I may be in the process of falling in a deep Joss Whedon kind of love with Terry Moore.  It’s got these gorgeous intertwined relationships that play out in the most ingenious way.  I thought at first it would be kind of like Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host” the way it was described to me (two conciousnesses–is that even a word–sharing one body), but it’s nothing like it.  Go check it out.    According to the bio, he’s written another comic series called Strangers in Paradise, which I will be checking out.  If he is indeed a Joss Whedon sort, I will probably wind up paying money for a copy of his Gap commercial, should he ever write one.
  • On the way to Houston last September for a training conference, I had this conversation with my co-worker about whether or not we would like to meet the people we idolize.  Co-worker was all for it, but I’m strangely hesitant.  I have to admit it would be cool to meet some of the writers/creative types who inspire me.  But I think I would be in such awe that I would have no idea what to say and would both look and feel stupid.  Plus, while I’m aware we’re all human and we all have faults and weaknesses, I’m not sure I want to know what their faults and weaknesses are besides what they choose to share in their creations.  If that makes any kind of sense.  It’s easier to suspend disbelief when I don’t know all that much about them.  However, I reserve the right to change my mind should any of the people who inspire me call up and ask me out for lunch.  😀 

Okay, the randomness ends here.  I have to get back to work.  Hopefully this satisfied the “where the hell have you been” emails I’ve been getting.



It’s been a while since I blupdated, so I thought I’d log on and share random thoughts and bits.  I’m sure you’re thrilled…:)

First, it is inadvisable to party too late on a work night.  Know why?  ‘Cause you feel all icky the next day and you wind up being late to work and feeling gross and you don’t even make your bed before you leave the house because you’re running so late.  You get to work late and your co-workers and fellow partiers, who are about 10 years younger than you, look revoltingly refreshed and happy like they’ve slept ten hours, and then they make fun of you.  And then your work-mom starts singing strange songs at you to try to get you to laugh, only you’re cranky so it doesn’t work.  So then a co-worker sends an actual photograph via email of a chestnut, knowing that on usual days, the word, “chestnut”, makes you giggle like a fifth grade boy, only it doesn’t work because of the aforementioned crankiness.  And another co-worker (e.g. the best friend) brings you coffee and a slice of lemon pound cake and you have to be grateful, because deep down inside you really are truly and genuinely grateful, but the urge to be cranky is so strong…but you bravely overpower it and thank her, but you still feel pissy.  This is all theoretical, mind you.  I don’t know what makes you think I am talking about myself…Shall we try a new rule of life from tonight?  Never party on a school night.  (apologies to J.M. Barrie for the gross misquotation).

Last night, while I was laying in bed, not sleeping, I heard this scratching sound under my bed that would have terrified me if I was still a little kid.  I got up, turned on the light and investigated.  Turns out Butterfly (the cavelier spaniel) had managed to wedge herself between the leg of my bedframe and one of the plastic storage bins I keep under the bed.  She was trying to get out and couldn’t.  So I had to drag her out, while trying very hard to not hurt her.  It was a job of work, especially with Marcella (the foster dog) getting in my face, all “what’s-going-on-whatcha-doing?” 

If I were the ruler of the universe, I would make it against the cosmic law for any man or woman over the age of 35 to have a pimple.  After thirty-five years of living, one should not have to wake up to a freaking zit constellation on their face.  It’s wrong and evil and should be stopped.  Seriously, I have the big dipper on my right cheek. 

My dad’s coffee is better than $tarbucks.

My big sister is awesome.  No, seriously, she’s made of awesome ingredients and comes served with a side of freaking fantastic.  Everyone should have my sister, but she’s mine, mine, mine.  I don’t actually mind sharing her with a special few, and you know who you are.  But otherwise, I’m selfish and you can’t have her!!!

Speaking of sisters, I have a new one.  Please pause for a moment while I do a little Snoopy dance.  **squee, squee, squee**  Okay, I’m done now.  My redneck brother is marrying his honey this Sunday.  You know how I know she’s awesome?  ‘Cause I KNOW my brother, warts and all, and she is so sweet and good and patient with him, she must be a saint.  Don’t take that the wrong way, Lunatic, you know I love you more than my hardcover Shakespeare folio.  And that’s a lot.  I even love you more than my two limited edition James Christenson Shakespeare prints hanging on my bedroom wall.  And I had those professionally framed.  I’m just sayin.  That’s love.

Okay, this ends today’s randomness.  And in the spirit of J. M. Barrie, here’s the real quotation: “Shall we try a new rule of life from tonight?  Always try to be a little kinder than is necessary.”  I think that’s a good rule.

You say Thursday, I say Friday


It’s my Friday!!!  That is good.  The first thing I did this morning was clean up dog poop and dog pee.  That is bad.  I haven’t caught her in the act, but I know it’s our foster dog, Cella. For some reason she’s squeamish about going outside unless we take her out the front yard on the leash.  Apparently she’s too good for the backyard.  If we could just catch her in the act we could “bad dog” her, but “bad dog-ing” her after the fact does no good.  She has no idea what she’s being reprimanded for.  Ah, the joys of pet ownership…

On the plus side, today is my Friday.  As of 6:30 this evening, my weekend begins.  I have huge plans…HUGE.  I’m taking Syd to the vet on Friday and doing laundry.  I may or may not go to Six Flags on Saturday, not sure.  I’m kind of not wanting to because of the heat.  I am a it’s-too-hot wimp.  It’s supposed to be in the 100’s.  I fry in the sun.  No pretty tanning for me-nope-I get bright red like a cherry tomato.  Not pretty.

Today is my brother’s birthday.  Happy birthday, lunatic.  (I’m not insulting him…he picked that name all on his own.)

This is all the randomness for today.  Be good and have a good weekend.

Happy News!


My Sydney doesn’t have cancer!!!!!  Our vet said she did because of an x-ray, but we got an ultra-sound today and there is no cancer at all.  There is a blockage in her larnyx that’s been causing her to throw up and that’s still there, but it isn’t terminal.  So, we have to give her anti-nausea medication and deal with the occasional doggy puke.  It’s worth it for all the love she gives!!  Here’s some Syd pics…