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Izzybella’s Three-Day Weekend


I had a really good day off yesterday.  I’d originally intended to see a movie, but the monster had me running a few errands for her and it just didn’t quite work out with the schedule.  I wasn’t as annoyed about that as one might expect.  I mean I still managed to fit in 2 1/2 discs of Gilmore Girls, plus I took a long hot bath in our fancy new jacuzzi tub.  The bath wasn’t planned.  It started off a shower and then I thought to myself, “self, you have a day off to yourself and unlimited time to get ready-take a long hot bath instead.”  And then I was all, “self, you are so right.”  So I did.  Jacuzzi bathtubs were a really good invention.  Right up there with sliced bread.  Mighty nifty. 

Dog Sydney did not have a good day.  She had to spend it at the vet, poor thing.  She’s been so miserable with allergies and over the weekend her eyes swelled up, turning her lids inward, which caused her eyelashes to irritate her corneas every time she blinked.  By Sunday she could barely open her eyes and they were so red.  So I took her to the vet first thing in the morning.  Baxter was quite despondent that he didn’t “get to go” too and all the reassurances in the world that he was lucky to not go didn’t help.  She got a shot and three prescriptions, one antibiotic, one for cough, and some eyedrops.  She already seems better this morning.

Dog Baxter wound up having a much better day than his sister.  Because every time I left the house yesterday, he got to come too.  He went with me to Starbucks (tall hot chocolate, nonfat milk, no whipped cream-thanks for the gift card, Joe!), a tailor out near the arts district (monster needed the lining of her coat repaired-that involved some waiting), the post office, and the vet to pick up Syd.  He loves getting to go and he loves spending quality time with his peeps so he was extra happy and tail-waggy all day yesterday.  Plus all the running around wore him out so he was too tired to bark at every teeny little sound he heard all night long.  He slept soundly.  And loudly.  Dude snores.

Weigh in yesterday went fine.  Had a pretty good week, but I also ran out of one of my medications and didn’t take it all last week.  I kind of wonder if that didn’t have an effect on the weight loss.  Whatever.  Probably shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  So I’m mosy-ing along on the journey.  We talked a little bit about the 8 healthy habits yesterday-one of which is managing emotions (for those, like me, who eat when stressed, sad, angry, and even happy).  I liked the analogy our leader presented.  “If you went out to the parking lot and saw that someone had slashed one of your tires, would you go and slash the other three?”  Of course not.  You’d be angry, upset-but the cost of replacing one tire is much less than the cost of replacing four.  Treating your health so cavelierly when you’re upset just causes so much more damage. 

Had a MMM meeting on Saturday.  It was really nice to see everyone-feels like it’s been forever.  Found out that the theatre we were reprising WoJ at, has lost their space.  I’m really sorry for them, but strangely relieved that we aren’t doing the show right now.  I love that show, but it’s an emotional investment and I just have a lot going on to deal with.  The next couple of shows we’re doing, I’m working strictly in a production capacity-co-directing one and stage managing the other.

Overall it was a really good weekend.  I needed a day like yesterday where, even though I ran a lot of errands, I had a solid chunk of quiet/alone time.  I am one of those freakish types that needs solitude just as much as I need people.  It can be difficult balancing it out sometimes.

So that’s my report about what I did over the weekend.  Do I get an A?  A B?  C’mon, at least give me a B.


The Official “In With the New Year, Out With Old” Post Part I (wherein Izzybella lists stuff she’s grateful for)


I got this idea from Jehara and I think it’s a really good one.  It’s so easy to dwell on the negative stuff, but I do have quite a lot to be thankful for. So in no particular order, I’m grateful for:

  • My sister and greatest friend, foi (aka chauceriangirl, aka the most witty, warm, brilliant, wonderful person I know)
  • My family-we’re disfunctional, sure, but aren’t all families a little?
  • Being a part of Women of Juarez-at once the most difficult and most rewarding show I’ve ever done
  • Getting to know jehara much better-we were friend-ish from the moment we met but now we’re actual friends and I think that is SO ridiculously cool
  • Getting to know v better-she intimidated the hell out of me when I first met her.  come to think of it, she still kind of does-but, like jehara, she sets a kick-ass example with her art, and that matters to me
  • Getting to know the infamous and much loved l-squared (I was getting a complex over how very much foi loves her too, but after getting to know her better, I totally understand)
  • Having an actual group of girlfriends-I’ve never really had that before
  • The two most adorable yellow dogs anywhere, Baxter and Cydney
  • Being aunt to the cutest little black border collie there has ever been in the whole world
  • Cheap rent (it’s not free, and come to think of it, not necessarily cheap either until you consider that it includes all utilities and meals) while I work on paying down my school loans
  • Books, books, books-especially getting to finish the Harry Potter series.  I was so satisfied at the outcome and really enjoyed being able to experience it in a way future generations won’t be able to
  • Can’t stop the Serenity
  • Buffy sing-along
  • Lone Star Comics
  • The most perfect Christmas celebration ever with my girlfriends
  • Blogs, which made it so much easier to keep in touch with old friends and make new ones
  • My co-worker Evie, otherwise known as my office mom
  • Getting off caffeine altogether (six weeks caffeine-free!!!)
  • Getting off Ambien as a result of getting off caffeine
  • Knowing that if I can do that, then I definitely possess the resolve and will-power to accomplish other goals
  • Am now officially half-way through writing my play, which is way better than where I was a year ago-so it’s taking longer than I thought-at least I’ve been working on it instead of just talking about it
  • Getting to have the last week of the year (and then some) off from work without even having to touch vacation time-just one of the benefits of working in higher education
  • Speaking of that, I’m also grateful to have a job that allows me such flexibility
  • Jane Freaking Espenson answered my dorky-ass fan mail
  • Found a new hairstylist who actually doesn’t mind the fact that I’m not all that chatty-she’s not either

Yep, Jehara was right.  Writing all that actually put in me in a better mood this morning.  Weird.

Ya’ll be good.  Part II coming soon.  I know.  You can hardly wait.  🙂

Five Questions from Soleil


1.  i know that you have lived in SLC and georgia.  where are all the places
you’ve lived?  which one is your favorite of them all?  and how did you wind up
in texas?

I lived in various parts of Georgia (mostly Albany) until I was about five, at which point we moved to North TX.  I want to say my father’s job transferred him there, but it could have been a military thing.  Dad was in the Navy reserves until I was something like 8 or 9.  We moved to this really neat two-story townhouse, which I loved because it had STAIRS.  I have no idea why I thought that was so cool.  We actually lived fairly close to where foi lives at present.  We were there for a year or so, moved to Plano for about a year, moved to Fort Worth for about two years, then my parents split up–Dad stayed here and Mom moved us to La Marque (just outside of Galveston) to live with our grandfather.  About a year and a half later we moved to Salt Lake City because Mom married a man from there.  I moved back to Fort Worth, TX my senior year of high school for various reasons.  After graduation, I moved back to Salt Lake City.  Got married, moved to Bountiful, got divorced about six years later, moved to Salt Lake City again.  I had a couple of roommates then who I thought were awesome-we still keep in touch.  But I was pretty broke and struggling and needed help, so I moved back to Fort Worth with Dad and the monster.  After a few years I got my own place in Arlington, and now I’m back in Fort Worth again with the ‘rents trying to pay of my 40K in school loans.  I’ve moved a lot.

I loved something about every place I’ve lived.  I seem to recall there being a walking path near the naval base in GA, and my brother and I used to walk it every day and we would pass this one dilapidated house with an antebellum feel.  My brother had me convinced it was haunted and I was terrified, but it was that sort of fun kind of terrified where you can’t resist passing it every day just to prove you can.  And I loved La Marque just because it was so close to the beach, which I loved so much.  Actually, if I could live anywhere I wanted without worrying about how to make a living, I would really love to live by a beach.  I don’t need to be on it or anything-just walking distance.  And Salt Lake City is ridiculously close to the most beautiful hiking trails and mountain scenery you will ever see.  Actually, SLC gets a bad rap.  It’s a really beautiful, clean city and the people are very nice.  Quirky, certainly.  But very friendly.

For me, though, home is where the people I love are-so in that sense, I can make myself at home anywhere as long as I have that human contact close by.  If I have to choose a favorite, though, it would be North Texas.  Despite the constant moving, I’ve spent most of my life here, so if family/friends weren’t a factor, I’d live in this area probably.  Of course if every one I knew and loved packed up and moved to an elsewhere, I’d be hot on their heels.  I need my friends and family.

2.  how long have you been doing theatre?  what got you interested in it?  what
is your favorite show to have been a part of and your favorite role?  (they don’t
necessarily have to be the same).

I got started in theatre my sophomore year of high school.  I was really, painfully shy in high school and usually my fine arts credits were taken in art or art history.  I liked drawing and painting a lot even though I wasn’t any good at it.  But WHS had this really creepy art teacher who gave me the wiggens, so my friend Tiff convinced me to give Theatre a try instead.  She assured me that Drama I was pretty much all book learning (not so much acting) and it had a rep for being an easy ‘A.’  So I enrolled spring semester.  Of course, the very first assignment was a monologue.  Which TERRIFIED me.  But I got on stage and suddenly I found myself extremely able to tune out the people watching and just give in to the play.  It was just like my “imagine” games I did all the time, except there were people three feet away from me.  It was just incredibly freeing to me.  I auditioned for the next play, which was Our Town, and got the part of Emily.  You know, I’ve been excited over getting really good parts many times since then, but I think that was the sweetest–seeing Willy (my George) standing by the cast list with a silly grin on his face.  And I was hoping maybe for George’s little sister or to be in the choir, and he suddenly lifted me up right in the middle of a crowded school hallway and twirled me around, laughing and yelling “we got it, we got it!”  No role, as much as I have loved most of them, has given me more joy.

You and V constantly challenge me and I’ve loved everything I’ve done with MoMentuM, but it was serendipitous getting the part of Ouisa in Six Degrees at the same time we were doing that master class with Betty Buckley.  Up to that point, I’d never played such a complex character, and I really used all the tools Ms. Buckley showed us we had at our own disposal.  I learned a lot from her.  Aside from that, I’ve never felt as cohesive in a cast as I did in the Juarez show.  That was an amazing experience telling those stories and being so in tune with each other–especially that last show.  It was freaking awesome.  That kind of experience is why I love acting.  I wish they were all that way.

3.  you work in the school of social work.  how did you wind up in that
department?  did you want to become a social worker?  when  you were thinking of
pursuing your master’s was it going to be in theatre or social work?

Arriving at social work was just sort of a lucky thing.  I’d been working HR (which is where all my prior office experience is) for New Orleans based group with retail in D/FW Airport.  I really wasn’t happy there at all, plus I hated the commute.  So I was looking for something a little closer to home.  I wanted to go to school here, and I thought maybe it would be cool to get a job here, so I applied to the secretarial pool and got job offers from both Admissions and Social Work.  I chose SSW because they paid about $2K more annually.  I had no idea how much I would love the mission of social work and the center I speficially work for.  So basically, I just lucked out.

As far as my graduate studies-initially, I wanted a MFA in Theatre Administration.  I considered a couple of different schools, but at the time I was just so tired the thought of it make me want to lay down and take a nap.  A couple of years after finishing the BFA, I decided I could teach high school theatre and enrolled in the M.Ed. courses.  I am actually ridiculously close to being qualified.  I’ve already passed my content area and completed all the graduate courses.  Technically all I need is to complete my student teaching and I will be awarded a M.Ed. and can take my certification exam.  I got really far and then I just froze at the idea of teaching.  I don’t know why.  And now I’m so focused on paying off my school loans, I can’t fathom taking out the additional loans which would be necessary for me to complete my training.  I think might be suffering from arrested development.

4. what is your favorite childhood memory?

Oh, that’s actually a hard question!  I have some really great ones mixed in with the not-so-great.  So I’ll just tell you about “a” memory that’s actually a combination of hundreds of them.  Any time I got to spend solely with foi was always good.  When we shared a room, I would snuggle up with her and we would have almost the same conversation every night.  First, I’d have to wake her up.  To this day, I’m not sure how often she really was asleep, but she sure seemed kind of tired and irritated when I woke her up just to talk.  But gradually she’d warm up (or possibly give up) and we’d start giggling together.  We’d cover the day, how stupid our brother was (I feel so sorry for him in retrospect-poor guy), any serious topics that needed covering, and then we’d move on to fart jokes and we’d rehash every funny and and/or smelly gas we’d ever had.  Not too impressive, eh?  But I loved those late night giggly conversations with foi, including Dad, who was by that time exasperated, hollering at us to shut up and go to bed. 

5. what do you like best about blogging?

I like being connected to so many people I love as well as the people I’ve never met.  It’s really honestly the only way I keep in touch with some of my friends.  So, probably the sense of community is what I love best about blogging.

Those were some long answers!!

If you would like to play, just comment on this blog and I’ll come with five questions of your very own!

Wrap Up (With a Shiny Green Bow)


I have no idea why I specified a shiny green bow.  Because I like the color green, I suppose.  I’m so strange.  My lovely friend S commented that she’d like me to blog, so I’m blogging ’cause S is so wonderful it’s difficult to ignore a direct request.  Indirect requests I can totally ignore though.  I have mad indirect request ignoring skillz.  Did I really just use a ‘z’ in that context?  Wow.  That was lame.

So the show is over.  This was a really difficult show.  S & V always challenge me, but this time it was the subject matter more than the movement and style.  How do you compact so much grief and loss into a one hour and fifteen minute show without losing something in the end?  I thought we would, but we didn’t.  I felt those women with me especially the last night.  You know, when dealing with such difficult topics, I get through things with this really obscene gallows humor–joking about things that are, in fact, incredibly not funny.  On the last night, though, I allowed myself to feel and I truly believe the women of Juarez were with us.  I’m aware  how hokey that sounds, but they wanted their stories told and they were so happy we were doing it.  I loved being able to share all that with our audience.  It was an unbelievable experience for me. 

It was also amazing to have mom there.  She said the kindest things about the show (that it was real literature), about the cast (so expressive and genuine), and about me (that if she didn’t know it was me, she would never have recognized me, I was so fully immersed in the role).  It meant a lot what she said.  I also appreciated E’s mom telling us we should totally be on Oprah.  A part of me completely cracked up at that and then I looked over at mom, who was solemnly nodding her head in agreement.  Everybody should have a quirky, wonderful, warm mom like mine.  I’m lucky.  I know that.

I drove Mom to San Antonio the very day after the show closed.  I was soooo tired, but she hardly ever asks us for big things like this, so I couldn’t say no.  She’s doing research for a new book (think a Texas Zorro) and wanted to visit the missions and some of the older dwellings there for historical research.  It was a short trip–we saw Casa Navarro, La Villita (for the dwellings, not the shopping) and all four missions at Mission Park.  By far, the missions were the most fascinating, especially Mission Concepcion, which other than basic maintenance and the installation of electricity, has not been renovated.  The structures are made of adobe and the walls are so thick, that even though there was a heat index of 102, the interior was relatively cool–comparatively speaking, of course.  I much prefer central heating and cooling.  You can see traces of the frescoes and the murals inside.  They’re just so beautiful and peaceful. 

Poor mom was exhausted by the time we got to San Jose Mission.  She stopped at the gate just where you enter the compound, looked at me, and said “Never mind.”  I wound up getting her a wheel-chair and pushing her around because there was NO WAY I was letting her miss that.  Mission Park was the biggest reason she wanted to go to San Antonio.

Of course, we made room in our schedule for Mi Tierra, the bestest and yummiest Mexican restaurant I have ever been to, and we also shopped at El Mercado.  I bought a turquoise and silver cross and I also bought one of those embroidered Mexican dresses-black with white embroidery.  It’s so pretty.  It’s funny with the Juarez show how aware I was of all the crosses and religious artwork at the Market Square.  I would see something out of the corner of my eye and have to go examine it further.  There were some truly beautiful pieces of artwork there.  Mom reflected that she was glad she was so broke because she thought she had more fun picking out what she loved most instead of being able to buy every lovely thing she saw.

We got home on Tuesday and mom flew back home on Wednesday.  I tried to talk her into staying another day, but as much as she wanted to, she also wanted to go home.  That is one of the best things about going on trips–getting to return home and sleep in your own bed.  Two nights sleeping on a crappy Microtel Inn mattress has given me a whole new appreciation for my comfy pillowtop. 

I’ve spent the last couple of days doing not much of anything.  My dad wanted me to find a specific type of writing utensil yesterday, so I drove all around the city with no luck.  Office Max?  Nope.  Office Depot?  Nope.  Target?  Nope.  Kroger?  Nope.  Tom Thumb?  Nope.  Finally, I decided to try Wal Mart.  I wasn’t very hopeful, but right when I pulled into the lot, I saw that the very first parking spot right by the entrance was open.  With that kind of karma I knew right away I’d find his pens, and I did. 

Today, I got my hair done.  Last Friday, the audacious Mr. O leaned in very close to me and said, “wow, you have a lot of grey hair.”  Bastard.  So I paid a lot of money for very pretty highlights which totally conceal the grey.  Even my ultra-critical stepmonster thinks they look really good.  They better.  They cost a lot.  Actually, right at first it was way too blonde.  I freaked out a little and my stylist was all, “calm down–we’ll just put a toner in and I bet you’ll love it.”  She did and I did.  With the toner and the lowlights she put in, it’s actually pretty close to my natural shade.  Minus the blonde highlights of course. 

I’m kind of sad my vacation is over, but on the other hand I am ready to go back to work.  I can’t say I’ve missed it, but I felt so lazy this afternoon that I decided to clean the monster’s house.  Made her happy anyway.  Tomorrow I plan on cheating on my dogs–the lab rescue will be at a local pet supply and grooming store tomorrow and I’ll be visiting the puppy dogs.  I am a sucker for the puppy dogs.  And then maybe tomorrow night F and S and I will catch Harry Potter on IMAX.  I hope so-that would be fun.  But overall, I’m glad to get back to a normal schedule.  I have life-stuff things I want to work on now and since I don’t have to go to rehearsal lack of time is no longer a valid excuse.  That’s a good thing, I think.

And that’s the wrap up.  With the shiny green bow.

13 Random Thoughts


1. Last night went really well.  I can’t believe I get to share a stage with so freaking many talented people.  Good energy and I’m especially proud of F.  She approaches every thing she does with such honesty.  She makes me cry.  (In a good way, not in a ‘good heavens’ way) She’s so wonderful that even if she weren’t my sister, I’d want to be her best friend.  Lucky me.

2. On the drive home last night, I blinked, only apparently it was a long blink because when I opened my eyes again, I was significantly further along the road than I was when I shut my eyes.  That freaked me out.  So then I was all bug-eyed the rest of the drive home.  I probably looked funny but I got home in one piece.

3. I just ate a taquito from Taco Bell.  Aren’t taquitos supposed to be crispy?  ‘Cause Taco Bell’s taquitos are soft. 

4. My dogs are really funny.

5. After this show, I have to get off caffeinated beverages because I have consumed way too much caffeine over the last 2 weeks.

6. I’m really happy because we got our first review in and it’s excellent.

7. I called in late to work this morning so I could sleep.  Sleep is good.  I like sleeping.

8. A cast member gave me a pendant of St. Jude, who is apparently the patron of lost causes.  It’s like she knows me.  Anyway, I really like the pendant.  I’ve decided to wear it for the run of the show.

9. Does anyone else get a headache when they wear their hair in a ponytail?  Because I have a headache and I know my ponytail is making it worse.

10. I think after this show is over I’m going to make a plan with S and F to go see the latest Harry Potter at an IMAX theatre.

11.  I got an email from Amazon that my Buffy Omnimbus has shipped.  It’s a collection of Buffy comics and yes, I’m that big of a nerd.  I also bought one for S and F because I felt like it.  That makes me happy.

12. I’m getting nerdier and nerdier by the day.  I didn’t used to read comics or go to fan events or obsess over nebbish producer/writer/director types.  But I don’t go to any of these events in costume and I don’t stalk, though I did write one fan letter, which reminds me…

13.  I got a letter from freaking JANE ESPENSON!!!!!!! Sorry about the exclamation marks.  I just enjoy her writing so much and I wrote her an actual fan letter and then forgot about it.  I wasn’t expecting a reply as I figured she’s incredibly busy-I just wanted to let her know how much enjoyment I have derived from her various projects and she wrote me a very kind letter in reply.  I just thought that was terribly cool of her.  You see, it’s a Whedonverse thing.  Whedon-y people are the best people in the world.

Random Thoughts


I’m at my part-time box office job right now. Some days it’s really busy, and I’m juggling multiple phone calls and walk-in reservations. Today isn’t one of those days. Other than the rehearsal going on upstairs, I haven’t seen a single person; and in the two hours I’ve been here, I had one sale and one cancellation. I’m bad–whenever a season ticket holder calls to cancel a sale, I always return the tickets to their season ticket pool, even though we technically need at least 24 hours notice in order to do that. Now, I won’t return the tickets if they call right before the show or if they’re no-shows and call after the fact, because c’mon. But if they make an effort? Well, they’ve already paid a lot of money for season tickets and I want them to like us so much that they renew for next season. I think flexibility is part of that.

Since it’s so dull, I’ve been alternating between surfing the net and reading the book I brought with me. A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to Pottercast (a podcast by the folks at The Leaky Cauldron) and they did a segment on this fan-fiction author who wrote her own version of Book 7. Problem is someone on the net has claimed the fiction in question is a leaked copy of JKR’s actual book and has been charging people to download it. So the author immediately went on the defensive, contacting all the fan sites and legal representatives of JKR to let them know that she wasn’t claiming that at all, and furthermore her fiction is available free of charge from fan-fiction alley (or something like that). It’s crazy-the author has no idea who’s doing it or where that money is going.

Anyway, the interview got me curious so I found the author’s fan-fic online and skimmed it. If I really believed it was JKR’s last book in the series, I would be mightily disappointed. The author is a decent writer, so I’m not slamming her personally. It just didn’t feel right, which I’m sure, has everything to do with it-wasn’t-JKR. Honestly, it was just okay, not great or even what I’d call good, but I imagine some people might like it. Here’s my problem with a lot of the HP fan-fic, including this one. Harry Potter is not a Harlequin romance novel. The romance between Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione and Giant Squid/anyone is not the centerpiece of this series. I really and profoundly do not want to read sex scenes in Harry Potter. Doesn’t belong there. I get annoyed by angsty fiction in general, so maybe I’m not the most unbiased critic around. I also didn’t like the resolution of the story and how Harry ultimately defeats Lord Voldie-thingie, which I believe defeats the general love theme JKR seems to be going with. I won’t spoil it for anyone who has a great love for fan-fiction and wants to immediately go find and read it. I also won’t link the book, but if you’re interested, it’s called “The Seventh Horcrux” and it’s by Melinda something or other. Just google it-you’ll find it. Again, she’s a decent writer and, as she put it herself, clearly enjoyed “playing in JKR’s sandbox.” At the least it was a good exercise. She’s a decent enough writer, though, that I’d hope she spends more time writing her own stuff.

And why do I continue to read fan-fiction when I’m so picky? I am inconsistent and make no sense.

I have a meeting for the Juarez show today. It’s a potluck meeting and I was supposed to make something but found myself out of time. So I am bringing a selection of salads from Jason’s Deli. I heart Jason’s Deli. It’s my lunch destination of choice. Well, aside from enjoying Greek food from a sun drenched balcony in Mykonos. But if you’re asking me to be realistic, then I pick Jason’s.

Yay! Another sale. Now we’re hopping.

Okay, I’m done wasting time here on Blogger. If you’ve read this entire post, I sincerely apologize and hope you’ll be back for when I actually have something interesting to say.

Free Lunch and Other Thoughts


I’ve now received two emails asking if I’m okay. I guess that means I should probably update, mostly because I think I only have 2 readers and that constitutes 100% of my blog-buddy base!! So, here’s an update…

I’m great! Thanks for asking.

I love free lunch. Really, I love getting anything free, but free lunch is especially fun. Today was our annual Faculty Flipper, wherein faculty from the SSW grill burgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs for the students and staff. I kind of enjoy giving them a hard time. For example:

Izzybella: Um, excuse me? This burger is over-cooked. It’s practically black. I could build a house out of these burgers. I want a refund.

Professor: (dryly) Sure, Izzybella. You can have a refund. In fact, I’ll give you 3 times what you paid. Will that make you happy?

Izzybella: Oh, I guess. That and can I also have a cookie?

Yes, I’m 12. And a dork. In case you were wondering. I tried sitting outside at the tables they’d set up, but it was too cold. And did I mention how pleasant it was to be too cold for once? This has been an extraordinarily hot summer and today is the first day we’ve had high temperatures in the 60s. At the moment, it’s a positively goose-bump inducing 64 degrees. I’m actually wearing a light jacket. Really, it’s very exciting.

Clearly it takes very little to make me happy.

Today is my Friday! I’m playing hooky from work tomorrow to go shopping with my parents. My stepmonster has been talking about doing this for quite a while and finally decided on Friday. She picked a great day for it. Aside from the extremely pleasant weather we’re having, it’s a busy week for me and I could use a day off. The theatre I work part-time at is having their annual fundraiser tonight and my sister and I volunteered to work their box office. Then I’m working the Friday and Saturday night shows, so between all that and my full-time job, a little wandering around a pretty outdoor shopping center sounds like good fun.

The Juarez, Mexico trip will be next weekend. I just realized this week that this will be the first time I’ve ever been out of the United States. I’m a little worried about the whole language barrier thing. Vanessa will translate for us, probably after the fact, but I’m interested to see how much I’m able to understand without speaking the language. I’m talking in terms of human emotion/grief here—I don’t have enough of a grasp on the language to understand even on a rudimentary level. But certain emotions are universal amongst the human race, and having just gone through the grieving process with my little sister’s death, I wonder how much I will recognize. I hope that makes sense.

Okay, I updated. I’ll update again soon. Off to visit my blog-buddies…