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Random Thoughts October 20, 2008 Issue

  • When I was typing the title of this blog post, I accidentally typed “issues” which sort of made me laugh because fruedian slip, much?
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Mondays don’t like me.  Tuesdays are friendly enough and Wednesdays and I are like this, ya’ll, but Mondays don’t like me.  Even Thursday and I are buds and Fridays are wicked good fun.  But Mondays?  No, Mondays slap me around and call me a bitch and then make me cry.
  • Ordinarily after a play closes, I suffer from post-play-depression wherein I sit on my sofa during the hours I would ordinarily be doing rehearsal or show and I stare vaguely at nothing and wonder what I should do with all this strange amount of time I suddenly have.  But this time, I’m feeling okay.  It was a good show and I very much enjoyed doing it.  The cast was great-there was no one in it that I did not like.  I got to know one or two people I didn’t know all that well a little bit better and I met some entirely new people that are really cool.  But I’m glad it’s over. 
  • Yesterday, my ex-brother-in-law friended me on Facebook.  It was kind of surreal seeing photographs of his family, including his now-teenage daughter who was born while I was still married to his brother.  R and I were friends before I ever even started dating J-we used to call each other all the time because he wanted inside scoop on one of my good friends, and I wanted inside scoop on J. I miss R.  He was a good friend, but it’s kind of weird in a way touching base with him.  Mostly because even though I think it was good J and I divorced–we really weren’t right for one another–for a long time he was my very best friend.  It sucked losing that.  Touching base with R is a reminder of what I lost.
  • I get to watch Heroes tonight on account of no rehearsal.  I like Heroes.  I’m a fan.  It’s a good show.
  • I downloaded Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog onto my iPod and watched it again over the weekend.  I really love that show.  Great writing, great mugging acting.  Everyone is in one the joke and then Neil Patrick Harris turns in this gorgeous performance that sends a little chill up and down your spine at the end.  It’s a heart-breaking bit of goof-off-ery.  That Joe Sweden guy is so cool.

Well, here endeth the randomness.  Must do this thing called job now.


How It Will Be In My World


When I have my own world, I have a few rules I plan on enforcing:

  1.  Chocolate will be ridiculously healthy and will help people lose weight.  Conversely, squash and okra, when eaten in excess, will cause lethargy and weight gain.  I’m sorry squash-lovers.  If you don’t like it, find another world to live in.
  2. Speaking of food, there will be plenty to share, so none of that starvation business.
  3. And while we’re on the topic of world-health, let’s visit peace.  Any of you who want to start a fight will have to take it off the planet.  We’re a strictly peaceful society here and prefer to negotiate without a great big gun* and a bad attitude.
  4. Congratulations teachers, social workers, and human services field workers.  You now make more money than the lawyers. 
  5. Women over 30 will never break out in spots.  I feel strongly about this rule.  I have worked very hard in my 30+ years.  I graduated from college summa cum laude and I work in an industry focused on helping others.  I love my family and friends and would do just about anything for them.  It just seems a little unfair that a girl who has worked so hard and loved so much can wake up one fine Tuesday morning to find a great big zit situated in a very-difficult-to-ignore spot just northwest of her fabulous smile.  Not that that actually happened to me this morning.  Nope.  I’m just saying.  There will be no acne after 30.
  6. In addition to the traditional holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), there will be Worldwide Mani/Pedi Day in which all peoples all across the world get a mani/pedi.  Not sure on the logistics of that-I’m a visionary**, not a planner. 
  7. Additionally, the new and improved health insurance programs will include discounts for hair-styling/coloring services.  After all, a good hair day makes a heart happy.  It all fits, I swear.
  8. Joss Whedon is the poet-laureate.  As such he can write and produce whatever his fertile imagination can conjure.  We promise not to cancel it after one season. 
  9. We will not ban books.  Don’t even ask. 
  10. Finally, all are free (truly) to worship as they please.

Now c’mon-doesn’t that sound like a good world?

*unless the big gun belongs to Mal, in which case he can stay because he’s so very pretty.

**I couldn’t actually type that with a straight face.  Hee.  Visionary.  If by that, I mean crazy as hell, then sure.

Make It Make Sense


Last night I was watching the news–ordinarily I’m kind of a news junky.  I watch in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed, but the last week I’ve kind of been tuned out.  I’d heard a bit about a local college student who’d been brutally killed, but I wasn’t paying attention.  Last night the news ran video first of the suspected killer and then flashed a photo of her.  I sat up and my jaw dropped.  I know her.  Knew her anyway.  Not well, but I worked with her for a while at a local theatre and she was as sweet as she was pretty-and trust me-that’s saying quite a bit because I don’t think I’ve ever known someone more beautiful.  You know if I’d just seen the news story but had never met her, I’d have thought, “how horrible.”  But as foi put it “because it was someone you did know, even though it wasn’t well, it’s got you thinking more about it. You can put a voice, mannerisms, etc. behind the photograph. It’s understandable.”  She didn’t deserve that.  No one deserves that and I’m so sorry for her family and her friends.  And I’m thinking that I’m glad she was so very loved by everyone she knew.  She was just 19.  She had plans and potential, and even better, she had the drive to make it happen.  So it makes me sick to my stomach, literally.  Why would someone do that?  I just don’t understand.

You know what makes me feel worse almost?  I’m excited because tomorrow I’m going with sunshine and foi and amethyst to the Buffy sing-a-long extravaganza.  And last night when I started to cry, I was really happy because my sweeter-than-any-dog-ever-in-the-world came over and put his chin on my knee and looked up at me imploringly and said, “it’s okay, I love you really, truly, always” and I was so happy to him there and I felt so sad that she wouldn’t be able to have that again.  It’s just kind of complex.  She should get to be excited about going to the movies with her friends and instead I am.  And please don’t misunderstand me, I’m very glad to have the life I have.  I’m just sad that for no reason that makes any logical sense to me at all, she doesn’t. 

And I feel guilty for not picking up her shift that one time.  If I’d known how little time she had left, I would have changed my plans and done it gladly.  I know that’s little and stupid.  I can’t help it. 

I can’t help thinking of the Buffy episode “The Body.”  Some of Joss Whedon’s best writing is in that episode, especially Anya’s monologue on the pointlessness of death.  It seems at first that she’s doing it again-being so literal and annoying, but she comes to the heart of the matter in such a sincere and deeply moving way:  I don’t understand. I don’t understand how this all happens. How we go through this. I mean I knew her, and then she’s, there’s just a body, and I don’t understand why she can’t just get back in it and not be dead anymore. It’s stupid. It’s mortal and stupid, and, and Xander crying and not talking, and I was having fruit punch and I thought, well, Joyce will never have any more fruit punch ever. And she’ll never have eggs, or yawn, or brush her hair, not ever and no one will explain to me why.

I found when Alicia died that I had to believe in heaven, and so I believe in it for M too.  But it still doesn’t make sense.  And I don’t think anybody can make it do so.



So, F, S and I are planning a Buffy-thon of our top-10 favorite episodes.  Those episodes that we all choose will definitely make the cut.  Any episodes we disagree on will be voted in or out (majority rule–we’re a democratic bunch).  I had a REALLY hard time choosing just 10 episodes.  Seriously, I can’t believe how hard that was.  Here’s my list:

10. Storyteller: Jonathan, Warren, and Andrew dancing around in togas is worth the entire price of admission.  I crack up at this episode every time.  The ending, however, is poignant and lovely. 

9. The Prom: Okay, the helldogs are goofy looking, but Buffy’s determination to give her friends one beautiful, normal (comparatively) night of teenage bliss is only slightly less awesome than the gift given her by Jonathan on behalf of the senior class.

8. Earshot: Buffy’s aspect of the demon, hilarious at first, quickly becomes terrifying.  Also, the scooby gang interrogating their classmates is not to be missed.

7. Band Candy: For starters, there’s chocolately goodness-can never go wrong there.  There’s also super-hip Giles, always ready for a fight, that’s so Juice Newton, and Principal Snyder as a pathetically endearing dorky hanger-on of the cooler kids.  Funny and classic Jane Espenson.

6. School Hard:  The introduction of Spike.  Need I say more?

5. Tabula Rasa: Willow’s spell to make everyone forget sort of backfires and they all sort of forget everything.  It’s very endearing watching Buffy “Joan” and Dawn realize they’re sisters, and even more so seeing Buffy’s obvious delight in her super-powers.  The resultant crash is all the more affecting for that brief moment of pure joy.

4. Fool for Love: Buffy pays Spike to tell him how he killed two previous slayers.  The conclusion is devastating. 

3. Hush: Without speaking, Whedon manages to convey absolute terror and dread.  Ironically, the moment Buffy finds her voice, she finds she has difficulty communicating. 

2. Chosen: The series finale.  Potentials find their slayer strength and Buffy is no longer alone.  I especially love the montage of potentials all over the world feeling that surge of energy and knowing they are extraordinary.  It was a fitting conclusion to the series.

1. Once More With Feeling: Xander and Anya! Tara and Willow! Parking Ticket Lady! I must use exclamation marks because I love this episode that much!!

If I’m perfectly honest here, “The Body” belongs up there, but I have such a difficult time watching that episode since A died.  It’s arguably the best treatment of grief ever seen on prime time–the ordinariness of it and boredom capped in between moments like Anya’s lament on the pointlessness of it all and Buffy and Dawn’s terrible anguish.  It’s an incredible episode but I can’t watch it right now.  It hurts too much and I cry.  I miss her.

So that’s my list.

13 Random Thoughts


1. Last night went really well.  I can’t believe I get to share a stage with so freaking many talented people.  Good energy and I’m especially proud of F.  She approaches every thing she does with such honesty.  She makes me cry.  (In a good way, not in a ‘good heavens’ way) She’s so wonderful that even if she weren’t my sister, I’d want to be her best friend.  Lucky me.

2. On the drive home last night, I blinked, only apparently it was a long blink because when I opened my eyes again, I was significantly further along the road than I was when I shut my eyes.  That freaked me out.  So then I was all bug-eyed the rest of the drive home.  I probably looked funny but I got home in one piece.

3. I just ate a taquito from Taco Bell.  Aren’t taquitos supposed to be crispy?  ‘Cause Taco Bell’s taquitos are soft. 

4. My dogs are really funny.

5. After this show, I have to get off caffeinated beverages because I have consumed way too much caffeine over the last 2 weeks.

6. I’m really happy because we got our first review in and it’s excellent.

7. I called in late to work this morning so I could sleep.  Sleep is good.  I like sleeping.

8. A cast member gave me a pendant of St. Jude, who is apparently the patron of lost causes.  It’s like she knows me.  Anyway, I really like the pendant.  I’ve decided to wear it for the run of the show.

9. Does anyone else get a headache when they wear their hair in a ponytail?  Because I have a headache and I know my ponytail is making it worse.

10. I think after this show is over I’m going to make a plan with S and F to go see the latest Harry Potter at an IMAX theatre.

11.  I got an email from Amazon that my Buffy Omnimbus has shipped.  It’s a collection of Buffy comics and yes, I’m that big of a nerd.  I also bought one for S and F because I felt like it.  That makes me happy.

12. I’m getting nerdier and nerdier by the day.  I didn’t used to read comics or go to fan events or obsess over nebbish producer/writer/director types.  But I don’t go to any of these events in costume and I don’t stalk, though I did write one fan letter, which reminds me…

13.  I got a letter from freaking JANE ESPENSON!!!!!!! Sorry about the exclamation marks.  I just enjoy her writing so much and I wrote her an actual fan letter and then forgot about it.  I wasn’t expecting a reply as I figured she’s incredibly busy-I just wanted to let her know how much enjoyment I have derived from her various projects and she wrote me a very kind letter in reply.  I just thought that was terribly cool of her.  You see, it’s a Whedonverse thing.  Whedon-y people are the best people in the world.

Can’t Stop the Serenity or Izzybella’s First Ever Fan Event Frakkin’ Ruled


So Saturday night was Can’t Stop the Serenity night for North Texas. I went with Chaucerian Girl, Jehara, V and her husband, C. It was so awesome that there just isn’t a word awesome enough to describe it. Except for awesome. Which is slightly overused, but if I imagine Neil Patrick Harris saying it, along with a hypothetical high-five, I get all giddy with happiness.

I’m so weird.

Anyway, we got there around 6:30, picked up our tickets and then meandered over to Borders where Jane Espenson was holding a Q&A. We couldn’t hear very well, though, so since CG needed food, we headed over to McAllister’s where she ate, and J and I had a really good beverage of the ice-cold variety. It was so fun–we talked for about two hours about Harry Potter theories. It was really fun geeking out like that. About 8:00 we headed back over to the theatre to get in line. And I’m really glad we did because we got there early enough that it enabled us to get really good seats. We were in line for about two hours and we talked Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Equality Now and Juarez. (happy side note–J wore one of our Juarez shirts to the show and when she went to the bathroom, someone asked her about it. J didn’t have a program card on her, but she told her all about the show and how it benefits the families of the women killed in Juarez. The girl was really excited about it and she took a photo of the front and back of J’s shirt. Hopefully she’ll be at the show in July. The more people who come, the more likely we’ll be able to raise the money they need. So exciting!!!)

Finally, they let us into the theatre and it was a good thing too, because I was really hungry. Very nice theatre, too, with a great big movie screen the perfect size for showing a BDM. They started with the Cedric from Bedlam Bards (I think?) I’d never heard of him before, but he’s really talented and the Firefly-themed songs he sang were terrific. I liked the Joss-focused one. Because I have a really geeky fangirl crush on Joss. ‘Cause he’s real smart and talented and adorable and could I love the man any more after watching the speech he gave for Equality Now? I think not. Anyway, after Cedric, Jane Espenson came onstage for another Q&A. I sound so gushy and I’m really sorry, but she’s so marvelously witty and humble and down-to-earth. They showed some clips from Shindig and a few Buffy episodes that were credited to her, only it turned out later, as she told us, that except for the Shindig episode, every single clip that played was actually written by Joss. She was a really good sport about it. I also liked the answer she gave to the question, “Would you ever consider doing a screenplay for a movie?” She said, and I’m not using quotation marks because I’m totally paraphrasing here, that she wouldn’t because television affords the opportunity for her to go into much greater depth. She likened movies to a short story and television to a novel. Both are great story-telling mediums, but a novel allows you to spend more time with a character and, as a writer, she finds that incredibly rewarding. Someone also questioned her about whether she’d consider doing a radio-type show. There was a bit of debate about that because she felt like radio theatre was pretty much dead, but then this one guy raised his hand and said he was a truck driver and there was more call for something like that than she might realize. And then Jane was like “Really??” and then she made this hmmm..something to think about face. It was funny. Honestly, I enjoyed that part so much that I would have paid just to see her, but I got to see a BDM TOO. These Can’t Stop the Serenity people just rule.

Next was the door prizes and raffle. I won nothing and neither did anyone else in my group, but J did score one of those cute little Chinese boxes containing many fun stickers and magnets. She gave me an I’ll Be In My Bunk magnet. Which is funny except the magnet also has a knife on it, which seems very phallic and odd. Then they auctioned off the BDB (big damn bag). There were so many wonderful things in that bag and J and I both really wanted it, but alas, we are poor. This girl behind us got into a bidding war for the bag and J and I found ourselves really rooting for her to win it. We even scraped up $25 between us and passed it to her and I think someone in her group ponied up $100. She wound up winning the bag for something like $1100. I was really happy she got it and she even gave J and I an autographed CD, which we gave to CG because J knew CG would appreciate it more. It was so fun. I know I’m overusing that word right now, but J and I really enjoyed rooting for her to win.

And then the movie. Love the movie. I’ve seen it a zillion times and so has everyone who was with me, but that didn’t stop CG from crying when a VERY bad thing happened to a certain beloved character, nor did it stop J and I from biting our nails during the big fight scene. And it was so cool watching it with an entire audience filled with BDFs (big dorky fans) like ourselves. The audience would applaud during certain scenes and laugh at others and you just know everything was a little funnier and a little sadder because we were all together. This was my first fan-type outing and I would totally do it again.

Oh, and costumes!!! There was a Wash and a Zoe who came together and they looked so great. And there was an Inara and a cute little Kaylee and more than one guy wearing a brown coat (in our really HOT Texas summer–very dedicated fan there). I’m not a go in costume person myself, but I was really impressed by the care they put into their costumes. These are the coolest people in the world.

Definitely will be doing this next year!!

I could enthuse more, but the real world (e.g. my job) would like me to return to it.

(is it me or does this read like a what I did over the weekend essay for high school English???)