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Spoiled Rotten


That’s me.  Spoiled rotten.  I can’t even work up a respectable self-pity episode when I’m so completely and thoroughly spoiled by the people around me.  See it’s my birthday and I’m 40.  I know, I know I don’t look a day over 39, but it’s true.  I’ve been feeling…well…sorry for myself.  I mean as a youth I had an idea where my life would be and how it would look at 40 and, I’m telling you, there is absolutely no resemblance between my expectations and my reality.  I was prepared for rampant depression, comfort eating, and perhaps a bit of wallowing.  Instead I got BFF’d.  Have you ever seen the television show, “How I Met Your Mother?”  Every time Marshall successfully argues a point with his friends he follows it up with the word, “Lawyered!”  It’s funny because he is a lawyer.  Maybe you had to be there.  Anyway, I was not lawyered.  I was BFF’d.

L2 whisked me away first to Freebirds, where I disappointed her expectations by not ordering a burrito.  We did get chocolate next door at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  We then went to Fresco’s in Arlington where I had a pedicure and a haircut.  The pedicure was an experience because, well, I kind of maybe haven’t shaved my legs in three weeks.  What?  It’s been cold and I’ve been wearing jeans and boots.  No need.  So I was pretty embarrassed by my Chewbacca leg-do, but I pedicured up anyway.  I have sparkly burgundy toes now.  Then I cut off my hair-it’s kind of short now, but I really like it.  BFF then took me to Half Price Books where we spent all of ten minutes before leaving abruptly for El Gabby’s, where as it turns out, a whole host of friends and family were waiting for me.  L2 gave me a good old-fashioned surprise party.  I got bling, I got seriously good hot chocolate k-cups, and I got…wow, and hard to find the words, I have deleted and retyped this exactly five times.  L2 and Work Aunt got together and collected for my cruise fund.  I don’t know how much is in the jar, but it’s a lot.  I’ll count it later, right now I am kind of basking in the idea of a cruise, but more importantly I’m basking in the idea that so many people thought to contribute to it.

See, I can whine all day about how old I feel or how I’m middle aged now, or blah wah wah, boo hoo, but the truth is that age has brought me time to find and make friends, the kind of friends who will unselfishly think up a good idea and run with it just because they want the gratification of seeing someone else have a good day.  The kind of people who will give of themselves, whether it’s time or just some goofy ass sense of humor that turns out to be much needed.  And the kind of people who let you do for them in turn.

Yes, L2, I had a good day.  I did tear up even if you didn’t get quite the reaction you were hoping for (complete and total shock v. tears).  What made me cry tonight (and made me get up in the middle of the night to type it out because I couldn’t sleep until I did) was the fact that you would go to all that trouble for ME.  That my friends think enough of me to just to sign a card or show up for dinner, much less work together to give me such a gift.  The fact that everything did that for me?  It’s sort of leaving me gobsmacked.  From the bottom of my (sober) heart, thank you for being there and for reminding me that 40 is an opportunity, not a tragedy.

Here’s to another 40 with all my friends…


Checking In…


December has been a mixed bag.  How is this you may ask?  Well let me explicate.  🙂

BAD: I was deathly ill the first two weeks.  I had the raging fever, chills, nausea, coughing (snot fun!), the whole nine yards.  Wasn’t flu-which THANK YOU, OH GREAT HIGHER POWER, because after relentlessly nagging my nursing students to turn in their flu shots, they would have never let me forget this.  Wasn’t pneumonia.  It was just a nasty mean little bug which required two rounds of antibiotics and some codeine, followed by hydrocodone-based coughing syrup just to get through it.

GOOD: The tech guy at my office taught me how to VPN from home and my boss allowed me to work from home almost the entire two weeks so I didn’t have to take so much sick time.  Most days were half-days and if I disappeared offline for hours at a time to rest, no one raised an eyebrow.  My office-peeps rock!!!!!

BAD: I ran out of money, like December 4th.

GOOD: The professors pitched in and gave every single secretary in the office a cash bonus out of their own pockets.  It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get me through the month without having to borrow money from my parents or my sister.

BAD: I was sick when my parents bought my birthday lemon pie and I couldn’t even really taste it before it went bad.

GOOD: My former boss (from social work) stopped by my office the other day and gave me a plate of her homemade lemon bars, which DUDE, those babies are awesome.  Graham cracker crust, cream cheese and lemon.  That first bite of mannah did not taste as good.  Just saying.

BAD: I am officially out of room for books.  Like literally-in my closet where the clothes should live, I have stacks and stacks of books.  There is NO MORE ROOM IN THE INN.  Which for a total book-whore like myself is sadness.

GOOD: My sister and my friends pitched in and gave me a Nook for Christmas.  And my work-group of friends who were in on the secret gave me a pretty little cover for my Nook.  What?  You want to see it?  Okay.

Tupper Quote Cover in Leaf by Barnes & Noble: Product Image

So, although, being broke and being sick on my birthday sucked dirty socks, I’m going to say that the good outweighed the bad by like A LOT.

Aside from that, there are all kinds of things going on in the lives of my family and friends that I’m truly invested in.  I have an Arizona friend I need to feel better ASAP.  I have a family member in Utah that I’m sending all my happy-this-will-totally-work vibes out to.  I have a sister who is making huge life changes and is brave and badass.  In short, with all the other stuff all the other people in my life are dealing with, I’m just feeling blessed that I get to be in their lives.

How I Spent My Memorial Day Holiday


So, I know the only updates I’ve done lately have been Glee Reviews (and I’ll try to keep those going for the two of you who read them-not like it’s painful seeing as how much I really love that show/and we’re talking a Buffy the Vampire Slayer type of devotion here), so I thought I’d blupdate up.  I had a good Memorial Day weekend.  I had dinner with two of the parental units and some family friends over at Nick’s.  Nick’s is not actually called Nick’s-I don’t think I even know what the actual name of the restaurant is, but Nick owns it and Nick’s it will always be.  Terrific food.  Terrific conversation.  Saturday, I did a whole bunch of yardwork with the monster and Dad-weeding mostly, but since we haven’t really done much in the way of weeding since last October, it was really bad.  We also mulched, plus there was some type of ick behind the nandinas on the west wall.  Not mushrooms exactly, but something fungusy and nasty, so I dug it out and Dad treated it.  After that I was just tired.  It was in the upper 90s all weekend and really humid and I kind of just wilted.  You know, like a southern flower in the Texas heat.  Heh.  Anyway, we went out to “Lupper,” otherwise known as the meal you eat when it’s too late for lunch, but too early for supper.  The monster wanted to grill but I balked because it was too hot outside and I needed to cool down, at which she pointed out that Dad was the one who would be grilling, not me.  Only one look at Dad’s face convinced her going out was the better option.  Went to bed kind of early that night and slept like the proverbial rock.  Sunday, aside from the usual routine, I went and saw a movie-The Prince of Persia-with mah bestie.  It was not nearly as sucky as I expected it to be (the movie, I mean, not the bestie).  It was the same kind of cheesy, yet hugely entertaining that the Mummy movies are.  I really liked it.  Monday, I spent most of the day with Foi and we had a really great day.  Went to the Half Price Books of Life in Dallas and saw another movie, Letters to Juliet, which I really, really liked.  This guy is really just kinda dreamy.  He has a great smile.  Don’t usually go for blonds, but…  Just saying.  Anyway, good weekend.  Hard to come back to work.  Which segues us to work.  Yeah, this is a really busy job.  Keeps me very busy, which is good because it makes the day go by faster.  But bad because it’s hard to fit in enough break-time for a blupdate.  🙂

Glee tonight, so I’ll post my letter to the show tomorrow…


Happiness Is a Bowl of Vegetable Soup


Actually, when I think about it-truly, really-those are some trite expressions.  Happiness is…[insert suitably appropriate wonderfully squishy thing here].  But sometimes you have to take joy out of the little things.  Especially when there are so many big things all conspiring to make a girl cranky.  So today, I take happiness from my vegetable soup.  It’s homemade, made for me by an extraordinarily kind woman who, with her husband, runs a mom and pop ice cream shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Every time Dad and the the monster go up there, I beg them to bring home vegetable soup.  And they always make it for me-and not just a teensy bowl-nope, they make a vat.  And then they charge way too little for it.  So, I feel loved that (a) it was made especially for me, and (b) my parents brought it home in an ice chest so I could enjoy it today at lunch.  A girl has to love soup that has travelled over 500 miles just for her.  It is written.


One Of Those [Good] Days


The only bad part about today is that Sydney is getting worse.  She can barely move without, at best spitting up a bit, and at worst, projectile vomiting.  Let’s just say I’ve cleaned up a lot of vomit over the last few days.  Kinda gross.  Sorry if I gave you an unpleasant visual.  She’s okay when she’s calm; moving slowly, but get her the least bit excited and…you get the picture.  I’ll spare you.

So, since the parents are out of town and Syd is so sick, I’m taking my dog-sitting responsibilities very seriously.  I was gone much of the day yesterday and I promised, promised, promised her I’d be home more today.  And I have.  Yesterday I went to breakfast with Faith and shopped around a bit; went to the Kimball Art Museum to see the Impressionist exhibit from the Chicago Art Institute (gorgeous); then went to the home of a friend where I hung out a bit while she made me a masque for Halloween and her mother taught me how to use a loom.  Very cool.  I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to see rows upon rows of woven material that got that way courtesy of ME.  Pretty damn nifty.  But I didn’t get home till 8:00 and Syd was so freaking clingy when I got home…she’s just used to more people being there more often. 

This morning I promised her again that if I did leave her, it would be a very short duration.  She didn’t seem to believe me.  She followed me from the bedroom to the laundry room to the computer to the bathroom to the laundry room to the kitchen, etc…  Basically she didn’t let me out of her sight once.  I felt so guilty for leaving her just the one hour it took to grocery shop and pick up mail from the post office. 

So, I have solitude-quiet time if you will-with only one sweet little girl dog and NO parental units to speak of.  I have home-made baked macaroni and cheese (thanks for your help, chauceriangirl) and I just turned the television on and there was figure skating on channel 5.  Sweet.  It’s the perfect afternoon.  So this is what I’m gonna do now…gonna log off the computer, let the dog out, feed her, change into my pj’s and just veg out in front of the television.  There may Dr Pepper later on.  That’s right.  I live large.  I’m a rebel.

Hope your day is even better than mine.


Random Thoughts October 20, 2008 Issue

  • When I was typing the title of this blog post, I accidentally typed “issues” which sort of made me laugh because fruedian slip, much?
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Mondays don’t like me.  Tuesdays are friendly enough and Wednesdays and I are like this, ya’ll, but Mondays don’t like me.  Even Thursday and I are buds and Fridays are wicked good fun.  But Mondays?  No, Mondays slap me around and call me a bitch and then make me cry.
  • Ordinarily after a play closes, I suffer from post-play-depression wherein I sit on my sofa during the hours I would ordinarily be doing rehearsal or show and I stare vaguely at nothing and wonder what I should do with all this strange amount of time I suddenly have.  But this time, I’m feeling okay.  It was a good show and I very much enjoyed doing it.  The cast was great-there was no one in it that I did not like.  I got to know one or two people I didn’t know all that well a little bit better and I met some entirely new people that are really cool.  But I’m glad it’s over. 
  • Yesterday, my ex-brother-in-law friended me on Facebook.  It was kind of surreal seeing photographs of his family, including his now-teenage daughter who was born while I was still married to his brother.  R and I were friends before I ever even started dating J-we used to call each other all the time because he wanted inside scoop on one of my good friends, and I wanted inside scoop on J. I miss R.  He was a good friend, but it’s kind of weird in a way touching base with him.  Mostly because even though I think it was good J and I divorced–we really weren’t right for one another–for a long time he was my very best friend.  It sucked losing that.  Touching base with R is a reminder of what I lost.
  • I get to watch Heroes tonight on account of no rehearsal.  I like Heroes.  I’m a fan.  It’s a good show.
  • I downloaded Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog onto my iPod and watched it again over the weekend.  I really love that show.  Great writing, great mugging acting.  Everyone is in one the joke and then Neil Patrick Harris turns in this gorgeous performance that sends a little chill up and down your spine at the end.  It’s a heart-breaking bit of goof-off-ery.  That Joe Sweden guy is so cool.

Well, here endeth the randomness.  Must do this thing called job now.


If I’m the Mother of a Dog, Does That Make Me a Bitch?


I am nobody’s mother.  Unless you count the dog and I am just enough of a crazy-dog lady, in fact, to count the dog.  But other than the four-legged variety, I am not a mom.  Generally speaking this doesn’t bother me.  It’s just that since I’ve gotten on Facebook and reconnected with old friends, I’m finding it astonishing how many of my old high school friends have children.  ChildREN.  Ergo, more than one.  One of them has eight; a few of them have five; and the vast majority have three or less.  And I’m sure that to a certain extent, they’re the ones envying me of my free time and ability to drop everything just to go on a weekend jaunt with my friends.  But they wouldn’t trade their kids for anything in the world.  They’re connected and that’s a kind of relationship that I don’t fully understand.  I can imagine it, certainly, but really, truly understanding it requires experiencing it on some level.  And I’m not talking about childbirth-I’m talking about the act of being a mother, which doesn’t necessarily preclude having never given birth.  So I’m finding myself, for the first time, envious of someone else because they’re a mom; envious of a relationship that it’s doubtful I’ll ever know.  I won’t say never, but the older I get, the more unlikely it becomes. 

Don’t misunderstand me-I’m pretty grateful I have the freedom (if not always the money) to drop everything and be the ultimate singleton.  But I was conditioned, taught, that being a wife and mother was a goal I should aspire to, something honorable.  And I do feel that way.  I have friends that are lucky enough to be able to stay home with their children and be a full-time mother.  I’m not arrogant enough to actually believe that isn’t real work.  It is-and very hard work too.  And if I had kids, that’s how I’d like to do it.  So I’m pretty impressed with their dedication and commitment to motherhood.  And just a little bit jealous. 

At the end of the day, I’d rather be single than married to someone who I don’t respect or who doesn’t respect me.  And I’m certainly appreciative that I don’t have the burdens of a single mother.  But I’m still just a little bit…jealous.  Is that okay?