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Do My Work For Me


How lazy am I???  MWK did this post and I thought it was a great idea.  So not only am I asking you to do my work, I actually stole the idea from another highly creative individual.  Let me sum up…I’ve been a blog slacker.  Well, on this blog anyway.  Quirky Girls Read is thriving as is my financial/physical fitness blog.  But my personal blog has gone all to hell.  I post for Quirky and then for Losing It With Liz and I’m all written out.  So ask me a question in the comments and I’ll answer it.  Whatever you want no matter how random or bizarre.

DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to lie but I’ll be sure and let you know I’m fibbing.  Or prevaricating.  Or whatever.  🙂


My First Ever Blogger Award



I received this from Jehara, a real-life friend.  According to the rules, I’m supposed to spread the love, so without further ado, I nominate:

Jehara.  As a very good real-life friend, she always makes my day anyway.  But I enjoy reading her blog because she has a lot of good insight on life and she writes with perfect honesty.  You can find everything from book reviews to fun memes to honest examinations of those things most important to Jehara.  Good blog.  Go read.

Chauceriangirl.  My real-life sister and best friend.  She’s a prolific updater-witty, wonderful, wise, and like Jehara, honest.  What you see is what you get with Chauceriangirl.  She makes friends easily, and more importantly, she keeps them.  She’s true-blue and the best friend a girl could ask for.  I’m just double-lucky because I get her for a sister too.

Amythest.  Another real-life friend.  She’s new to the blog world, but truly welcome.

LizSquared.  Another real-life friend.  She complains to me about how rarely I update my blog, but she’s about 20 times worse than me.  I visit every day anyway just on the off-chance she has something to say.  That’s a hint L2, do with it what you will.

Spin Doc.  Very witty and a good dry sense of humor.  She’s one of the ones I read daily.

Crystal.  Usually, when I bust out laughing at work while I’m supposed to be, you know, working… it means I’m reading Crystal’s blog. 

Fond of Snape.  This blogger is a ridiculously talented photographer.  Plus funny and has excellent taste in actors who play broody literary figures.

No Nonense Girl.  Started reading this blogger only recently, but it’s quickly become one of my favorites.  Funny and filled with oberservations from the life a former Catholic church worker.  Good stuff.

Thanks, Jehara, for the nomination!!

Checking In-Can I Check Out?


It’s busy today at work-one of those days where I’m pretty sure I’m working overtime tonight.  Don’t have too much time for blog updating joy, so here’s a few bullets.  Enjoy (or not, whatever):

  • Chauceriangirl is back (yay).  Go read all about her fabulous Labor Day Weekend here.
  • One of my bestest friends got her car broken into.  Nothing was stolen, just a smashed window, but now’s a bad time.  In the last 3 months she’s also gotten scammed and her flat was burglarized.  Plus her very best friend/partner in crime moved away for a few years.  It’s for a good reason and we’re glad friend is doing what she’s doing, but that doesn’t make us miss her any less.  She’s going through a really hard time and she doesn’t deserve it.  So please send love and white light her way.  Good karma.  Or prayers.  All would be much appreciated.
  • The only thing worse than month-end is fiscal year-end.  I’m just saying.
  • Someone just gave me a handful of Doritos collisions taco/chipotle ranch chips.  Dude, those are really good.  I must NOT buy any because I will eat them all.
  • I’m on the second book of the His Dark Materials trilogy.  I love this series.  Really, it’s well-written and positively gripping.  I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without reading it.  I’m also officially excited about the film version of the Golden Compass starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.  Seriouly.  Awesome.  Casting.
  • Things to look forward to this month: buffython (9/14 – 9/15), momentum meeting (I miss seeing everyone!!), and buffy sing-a-long in Dallas.  Should be extra bunches of much-needed fun.
  • I love my friends tons and tons and tons and tons and I hope they know that.  (that includes you, chauceriangirl!!!!!)
  • Finally, and sorry for the repeat but it bears repeating, please send any white light you can toward my friend.  Because she’s ridiculously cool and I hate that she’s having such a hard time.

That is all.

Yummy Link for My Vegan Buddies


I just saw this recipe on Harmonia’s page for Apple and Butternut Squash soup and it looks really yummy.  And I don’t even like squash all that much.  So my fine vegetarian/vegan friends–you should make this.  And then invite me over.  🙂

I have a very bad cold right now and I’m bitter over it.  Summer isn’t for colds.  Summer is for lolly-gagging around in the sunshine or visiting a beach or sitting in the shade with something cold to drink and a really excellent book.  It is most profoundly not for coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and worst of all, excessive nose-blowing.  It isn’t fair.  I should stop whining–get some positive energy going.  Here, I’m gonna try right now.  Just wait a sec.

Nope.  Still bitter.

Distance today: LT (since I’m not at my best physically, I’m just going to walk for a bit at a lower incline than usual and see how it goes–may wind up doing very little, but I plan on trying)

Mumble Grumble?


I’m in a blue funk. Or a black mood. Or some other really dark color that denotes pure cranky irritation.

I’ve been reflecting over life things–the stuff I worry or obsess about, but tend not to write in my blog because I never want to say anything in a public forum that I might regret. In that respect, I am the exact opposite from my sister’s webfriend, Trista. Trista is very open and honest and entertaining and messy in the very best ways. I think that level of honesty takes a kind of courage I intrinsically lack. I think I’m too worried about what other people might think about me. That’s stupid though–to worry about that. It’s selfish, actually, because it tends toward a belief that every interaction I have with another is, in fact, totally about me, me, me. Sort of short-changes the people I spend my time with, doesn’t it?

I know a lot of really amazing people. I could start with my sister, Faith, who is good, kind, loving, sweet, and the bestest, most loyal and true friend a girl could have. She has a wicked sense of humor that helps her keep her head above water. She’s spent a lot of her life being the best friend and the good sister, but it seems like she’s coming into her own now. She’s taking much better care of herself than she used to. To me she’s always been beautiful, but I don’t think she ever believed it herself. Now, though, she’s eating healthy and losing weight and it shows. We spent some time together on Saturday and she looks really, really good. Aside from that, she’s always taken care of herself spiritually and intellectually. She’s a voracious reader and she asks questions. I love her because she’s my sister, but I’d love her anyway. She’s just that kind of person.

I also have a terrific friend, M, who is quite possibly the funnest person I’ve ever met. I used to love it when M came to see my shows because she has the loudest, most delicious laugh that carried backstage. You can’t hear that laugh and not laugh along with her. She’s teaches Italian in both high school and college (as adjunct faculty). She’s a great teacher–the sort of person Chaucer was thinking of when he wrote, “Gladly would he learne, and gladly teach.” If there’s something wonderful and brilliant worth knowing, then for her, it follows that if must be worth sharing. The day we became friends, we both skipped a sunday school lesson in order to commiserate over life’s little d’ohs. One hour later we were fast friends. We don’t talk as much lately, because she’s working on her master’s degree, teaching high-school full-time, and teaching an Italian Intro course at a local college. How’s that for some natural gumption?

Then there’s the people I see every day/week. I work with this amazing person who supports herself and her daughter on a university secretary income, without complaint–uncanny considering how poorly paid most university secretaries are. She’s trying to put herself through school one class at a time, so she can be a math teacher. I know a professor who dedicates himself to work with domestic violence offenders–he spends frequent amounts of time outside of his academic work volunteering and trying to make a difference. I know an actor (artistic director) who donates a vast majority of his spare time to community concerns. He’s a much beloved local artist who continually goes to bat for his theatre and for the arts in general. As an example, this last season the city cut arts funding, drastically reducing the amount his theatre would receive. He immediately went on the offensive, fund-raising like crazy, and granting interviews to local media, effectively shaming the city into reversing their decision. It’s a good thing, too, as this artist runs a youth outreach program that really manages to make a difference. I know another artist who refuses to keep any of her profits. Every single show she’s directed and produced has benefitted charities who work with victims of abuse. She’s an amazing woman.

I’m saying all this because I get so wound up about little stupid things, that I forget how many people there are who make life beautiful–who give and give and give of themselves and never ask for something in return. They’re people who are worth knowing and they make my petty worries and perceived slights look just this side of ridiculous.

So I could mumble, grumble, but instead I think I’ll just be grateful for the people who strive to make the world a better place.

I hope all of you have a someone who inspires you. If you do, I’d love to hear about them.

Very Cool People


I just clicked over to my friend, M’s blog. She’s been the amazing invisible woman lately, mostly because she’s been so busy with school and work that she hasn’t had much time for gossiping with me on the telephone. There was a post today! Yay!! I miss my friend.

But this brings an entirely new topic to light. You see, after reading M’s wonderful post about the beauty of learning and the inherent rewards thereof, and after reading my sister’s thought-provoking post of this morning, I feel like a shallow little blah with my Buffy-character-test and my silly reparte.

I am lame, but I do know very cool people.