Jonah Day


Though I’ve been known to do so in the past, I try not to use my blog as an extra-venti venting vehicle.  But today is just a Jonah Day.  If you’ve read Anne of Green Gables, you know what a Jonah Day is.  If you haven’t, just refer to the biblical story about the guy who got swallowed by the whale and you’ll have the general idea.  I won’t get into specifics because it will make me sound like a big honking whiner (dude, I totally am) and it will just make me more depressed (also true).  A really smart person once told me when I get like this to start listing positive stuff in my life, so here goes:

  • My dogs are awesome.  It’s a scientifically proven fact that animals can help ease depression.  I couldn’t name the study but they said so on the Today Show and you know that Dr. Nancy Snyderman does not lie.  That may be neither here nor there, because it might have been some other frequent correspondent who cited that particular study.  But the point is, animals are awesome.  When I am having a bad day, it is a given that at some point or other Sydney will come and bump her head against my arm and force me to love her and Arthur will jump up on the back of the sofa and plop down right behind me with his chin on my shoulders.  It may be somewhat selfish, but it’s nice to know my dogs are always happy to see me.
  • My family is awesome.  It suddenly occurs to me that they should have been first on this cheer-myself-up list, but on the other hand, they’re all animal lovers too, so maybe they’ll understand.  They’re all smart and kinda funny and I like them.
  • Good friends.  If you’re reading this, it probably means you are one of them.
  • Perspective.  My house was not mowed down by a tornado or flooded.  I have never in my life gone hungry.  There have been definite tragedies in my life, but as a family, we’ve survived them all pretty well.  It’s hard to indulge in a wasteful bout of self-pity when Brian Williams is standing in front of a wasteland that used to be someone’s neighborhood.

So okay, I do not have it all that bad.  But still.  Jonah Day.


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  1. Cutest! I adore you. I must look for new blog postings from you at least 3 times a day. ♥ I’m sorry you are having a Jonah day. But I learned from Pinocchio that if you can make the whale sneeze, you’ll fly right out. Or I think that’s what I learned from Pinocchio. The movie. Not the book. The book is way more Jonah day-esque. In the book, there is probably no way out of the whale. Disney skewed things, but he was definitely much more inspiring.

    • Melissa, I MISS YOU EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!! Move back to Texas and it will cure me of Jonah Days. 🙂

      I just saw you called. I have a tremendously bad habit of leaving my phone on silent for days on end. Can’t have it ringing at work and then I just forget about it. I’m awesome that way. So I will be calling you this weekend.

      It’s a shame we aren’t having BBQ at S’s pad with our righteous friends.

  2. Hi sis! I am so sorry about your bad day! I miss you and wish I was there to cheer you up. I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping up on my own blog, but like you, I don’t want to just use it to vent; and that is pretty much all I would be able to do lately. I do have some intersting things going on right now, so I will blog tonight or tomorrow about it. Love you bunches!

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